Experts… and more.


We are the Truck Experts... and more.

We specialise in trucks, buses, construction and agricultural applications. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to be experts in supplying top quality parts dedicated to these vehicles. We supply the highest quality parts perfectly adapted to your needs. Our priority is to ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing solutions perfectly tailored to their unique needs.

Product range

Our Highway Automotive product range is constantly evolving in order to always keep up to date with market changes and innovations. We are flexible and responsive to market needs, expanding our range to include products dedicated to vehicles with modern, advanced technological solutions.


A brand with history

Our brand, Highway Automotive, has a rich history of development, dating back over 20 years. From the very beginning, we have been a leader in providing high quality parts for trucks, buses, construction and agricultural applications. We have grown over the years, adding emission control products to our range and expanding into new product categories. Our brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and trust in the industry.